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I have 16 papers that I’d like to publish here. I wrote these between 2011-2012 and have subsequently revised them a little bit for this blog. Some of these papers read more academically than others because I was exploring a variety of styles of technical academic writing.  My publishing schedule will be on an alternating cycle involving four topics or headings. Each heading has numerous essays: three to six. Furthermore, each essay may be divided into two or more parts which will be posted on consecutive weeks. So for the next six to twelve months, the topics or headings I’m going to cover include:


Critical Theory And The End Of Noise – 6 essays


Native American Perspectives in Music – 3 essays


Anthropology Of Music – 3 essays


“How and What I Learned” Essays:

  Music Composition and Structured Improvisation

            Theory and Harmony

            Western Music History From Antiquity Through The 18th Century

  Intro Guitar Technique and Advanced Guitar and Performance Techniques


Consequently, as the blog develops, I will post more about my own compositional strategies such as:

The Musical Atlas Of Inner Constellation

Development of String Quartet #1

Thanks for your interest and please stay tuned.

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Mission Statement

    This blog is about my involvement with music and functions as a forum of expression where I hope to illuminate how I engage with and use music. This is a big topic for me because I have been playing music, and specifically the guitar, for most of my life. For me, a guitar is an instrument for evolution and revolution.  An evolution of consciousness and self-realization through the manifestation, manipulation and use of sound.  Evolutionary processes give rise to a diversity of musical expression. These processes take place over relatively long periods of time.

    Furthermore, guitar and musical revolutions for me emerged from fundamental changes in power and organizational structures.  These changes took place in a relatively short period of time. Aristotle described two types of political revolution:

  1. Complete change from one constitution to another.
  2. Modification of an existing constitution.

    For me the “constitution” may be my own personality, the general musical marketplace, or the musical culture with which I participate.  Many of the essays I publish here will illuminate my personal course of evolution and revolution.

    People make music what it is. So for the most part, this blog is especially about how I make and use music with others. In this blog I’ll strive to touch on the ways in which I make music meaningful and useful in my life.

    My hope is that readers will be attracted to the diverse perspectives that I express about music, my own music history and the music history of others, my participation with other musicians, how and why I make music, music composition, improvisation, the economics of the music business, issues of identity and authenticity, guitars (probably lots about guitars!), guitar gear, recording and engineering techniques, new music technologies, sheet music, the books I’ve written and the books I’m working on, transcriptions, opinions, reviews, etc. My hope is that this blog helps you to think musically.

    I am uniquely qualified to talk about these su...

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