As he toured throughout the southeastern United States in the early part of this decade, New York guitarist and composer Bruce Eisenbeil often performed with pianist Dave Fox in Greensboro, North Carolina. Fox first met Eisenbeil when The Dave Fox Group, opened for the wonderfully strange trio of Eisenbeil/Flinn/Itakura in Chapel Hill. They immediately recognized their kinship, and continued to stay in touch, exchanging ideas about composition, improvisation, and the ongoing argument about who makes the best beer – Brooklyn or Greensboro. At the end of 2006, Fox proposed a collaborative recording. Less than three months later they pulled into the parking lot of OvedubLane Recording Studios in Durham, North Carolina. With them were Fox’s bandmates from the Dave Fox Group – bassist Pat Lawrence and drummer Jon Marc Ryan Dale. Fox was glad to find out that his first choice engineer, John Plymale was available for one day that March. One day, it turns out, was all they needed. There was no plan, no tunes, no formal scheme, other than “Let’s plug in and play and see what happens.” In–the-moment improvisation, as it is called. Or, at least as much as in the moment you can get with wires coming form your instruments and headphones and a friend on the other side of thick glass. Free jazz, with the occasional groove. Nu-groove free fusion.

 HOME AGAIN CD by Bruce Eisenbeil HOME AGAIN (Konnex 5215)
(November 2008)
Dave Fox – keyboards
Bruce Eisenbeil – guitar
Pat Lawrence – acoustic bass
Jon Marc Ryan Dale – drums

  1. Leaving The City
  2. Of All The Tapas Bars In The World …
  3. The Well-Prepared Suitcase
  4. Airports And Me
  5. An Encounter With A Street Troll
  6. Nightfall In Taos, New Mexico
  7. Home Again, For Now

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Critical Acclaim for Home Again

Review Quotes

“Outrageously climactic manifestations of lawlessness abound” ~ Massimo Ricci; Touching Extremes

“An aggressive and genre-crushing sojourn . . a persuasive and thoroughly hip album” ~ Glenn Astarita; JazzReview.com

“The results are blessedly explosive” ~ Pico; Something Else Reviews.com

“Nice textural depth and close listening . . . A fine album” ~ Jason Bivins; Cadence

“It is hard to explain just what it is that makes this so incredible, you just feel the exhilaration as they all sail together ever so tightly.” ~ Bruce Lee Gallanter; Downtown Music Gallery

“The music of the quartet emits a lot of energy and it deserves the attention of curious fans” ~ Culture Jazz (France)

“No shortage of highlights” ~ Jérémy Bernadou; Progressia (France)

“Free, abstract, nocturnal but at the same time a warm release with lot’s of style.” ~ Andrea Ferraris; ChainDLK

“scattered and fractured . . . skronking . . . subterranean moods . . . wild excursions . . . startling . . . playful . . . fearless . . . deep feelings of freedom” ~ Michael G. Nastos; All Music Guide