Band Description

 Nine Winds Trio CD for sale $15.00 NINE WINGS (CIMP 144)
(September 1997)
Bruce Eisenbeil (guitar)
Rob Brown (alto sax, flute)
Lou Grassi (drums)

  1. Oak Tree
  2. King of Comedy
  3. Rising Lake
  4. Hermitage of Xzeng Xzu
  5. The Flapper
  6. In Retrospect
  7. Mercury
  8. Soundscape #2
  9. Confessions

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Critical Acclaim For Nine Wings (CIMP)

1997 Top Ten Jazz CD’s – David Lewis; Cadence Magazine

”Eisenbeil escapes the usual fretboard constraints in a virtuoso engagement with sound that transcends style. Nine Wings contains some unbelievable guitar.” ~ David Lewis; Cadence Magazine

“…the music scintillates.” ~ Ben Watson; Hi-Fi News

“A variety of moods and intensity levels, sustaining them all beautifully.” ~ Larry Nai; Jazziz Magazine

“Intellect and intuition in abundance.” ~ Bill Bennett; JazzTimes

“Eisenbeil sounds like a wild man in spite of himself. He plays unadorned electric guitar, without effects or accoutrements, in a simple open tone that’s bent into service as an avant-garde instrument. . . . he leads the trio through eight compositions (and one brief improv) that break down structure into bloody three-way confrontations.” Richard Cook & Brian Morton; The Penguin Guide to Jazz on CD

“Twisted solos.” ~ Peter Margasak; Chicago Reader

“Extraordinary young guitarist . . . the trio is capable of wide open playing that threatens to fly off in every direction and yet they never lose their way . . . he (Eisenbeil) displays an innate logic in his intense solos” ~ Robert Boardman; Buffalo Artvoice

“Bruce Eisenbeil brings a new aesthetic to the guitar.” ~ AFIM music MIX

“Hailing from New York, guitarist Eisenbeil leads his quartet through a rich terrain of harmonically complex free jazz, a place where unbridled improvisation reigns supreme.” ~ CMJ Music Marathon Band Guide

“Uncanny synergy . . . Highly recommended!” ~ Glenn Astarita

“A spiritual experience. . . Bruce Eisenbeil is a brilliant guitar virtuoso.” ~ Sean Lent; Lamppost 40

“Innovative musical concepts” ~ Paula Edelstein; All Music Guide

“There are many fine solos on this CD.” ~ Lee Prosser;

Review of Nine Wings from Cadence Magazine

Bruce Eisenbeil’s original approach on Nine Wings is extraordinary, as it has to be to match Rob Brown’s unconstrained alto. Yet it’s clear from their free counterpoint in “Oak Tree,” “King of Comedy,” and “The Flapper” that they make a brilliant match. Eisenbeil escapes the usual fretboard constraints in a virtuoso engagement with sound that transcends style. The scope of his sonic dynamics makes most guitar improvisers sound academic, contrived or reliant on “effects, while he appears to escape such constraints. His unfettered playing recalls Ornette Coleman’s inventions at the Hillcrest Club. There’s wonderful music here that took my breath away while Brown and Grassi add beguiling support. Nine Wings contains some unbelievable guitar. Recommended.    – David Lewis