OPIUM is a cutting edge jazz quartet based in New York City. This band, comprised of guitarist Bruce Eisenbeil, saxophonist Michael Attias, bass trombonist David Taylor and drummer Jay Rosen, has been described in the All Music Guide To Jazz as, “Something new in the genre of free improvisation.”
OPIUM is a co-led band. The members of the band rendezvous on equal footing, exchanging leading and supporting roles in a constantly shifting sonic meltdown informed by open improvisation, dense jazz and a hardcore momentum. This is a band whose members have not only toured throughout North America but played at many festivals and clubs all over Europe. OPIUM’s self-titled first CD features 12 tracks which explore a contrast of material with a wide range of moods, emotions and colors. This is contemporary music made by improvisers with deep roots in the jazz world. This trio’s working method does not imitate any of the umpteen bands these musicians have worked in of late — not Cecil Taylor or Milford Graves (Eisenbeil), not Anthony Braxton (Attias) nor Joe McPhee (Rosen) nor Gil Evans, Carla Bley or Charles Mingus (Taylor). Listeners with an interest in cutting edge jazz from New York City are in for what promises to be a jaw-dropping sonic experience.

 Opium Cd collaboration with Bruce Eisenbeil OPIUM (CIMP 241)
(November 2001)
Bruce Eisenbeil (guitar)
David Taylor (bass trombone)
Michael Attias (baritone sax, alto sax, flutes)
Jay Rosen (drums)

The Opium Ensemble by Ronnie Taylor


  1. Shadows Knight
  2. Biting Through
  3. Expectation
  4. Whale Booty Stomp
  5. Kinetic Pimp
  6. Ode to Blind Joe Death
  7. Over
  8. Opium 2
  9. Climbing to the Zoot Base
  10. Oklahoma Sprawl
  11. Whisper
  12. New Years Eve

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Critical Acclaim for OPIUM

OPIUM (CIMP 241), was voted by the readers and writers of Cadence in the top 20 new jazz releases of 2002.

“Outrageously exciting.” ~ Ben Watson, Hi-Fi News

“Exceptional” ~ Cadence

“Eisenbeil puts his slippery aesthetic to good work on OPIUM, roaring through some passages, crafting fields of ambient background sound through others.” ~ Aaron Steinberg, JazzTimes

“Disarmingly hypnotic.” ~ Derek Taylor, All About Jazz.com

“Something new in the genre of free improvisation.” ~ Steven Loewy, All Music Guide

“An array of intense improvisations and climactic developments” ~ Glenn Astarita, All About Jazz.com

“An exhilaratingly brash and unpredictable session that is totally unclassifiable.” ~ Shuffle Play

“A mesmerizing album.” ~ Nick Sheets, Dusted Magazine.com

“No Shortage of highlights.” ~ Jason Bivens, One Final Note

“Highly recommended” ~ Bruce Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery

“Eisenbeil streams chords and notes from his guitar at a frantic pace” ~ Michael Bettine, JazzNow.com